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Artistic Skills

-Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor, airbrush, digital)

-Printing (screen, intaglio, relief)


-Sculpture/Carving (clay, metal, foam, plaster, wire, cement, epoxy)

-Woodworking (carving and lathe) 

-Ceramics (earthenware and porcelain)


-Set Construction/Scene Painting

-Mold making (plaster, silicone, fiberglass, plastic, urethane)

-Makeup Artistry/Wig Styling


Culinary Skills

-Sculpting chocolate using modeling chocolate 

-Carving chocolate

-Coca butter painting

-Mixing and tempering


-Piping and decorating 

-Molding and filling 


Computer Skills

Proficient in:





Familiar with:








Equipment Skills



-Large & small-scale scanners

-Die cutter

-Various printers, plotters, and copy machines


-Welding (MIG & Stick)


-Various saws 

-Jointer & planer


-Rotary tools

-Drill Press


-Trained boom and scissor lift driver

-Various power tools & hand tools

Digital Art:

-Wacom tablets



-Printing press

-Mat cutter

-Kiln/pit firing

-Sewing machine

-Mounting & framing


-Stefan ganache maker

-Selmi tempering machine 

-Selmi enrobing belt 

-Various ovens and mixers

-Experience working in industrial sized as well as small kitchens 

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